Unicorn socks
Flying unicorn socks

Unique socks for childrens.

These socks are unique! They are high and slightly above the knee height. Compare them with the American chearleaders socks, the only different is the style. This unicorn socks are real original unicorn socks with unicorns printedon the socks.

Who can wear this unicorn socks

Unicorn socks are for the young and also for the older teens. This unicorn socks are stretchable and you can wear them even if you are an adult. The socks are sturdy and top quality fabric. If you got a unicorn collection, you can add this unique piece to it. If you don’t start now collecting!

Bright colors socks – Nice socks – comfort and stretchy.

1pair of these socks consists of 1 Pink and 1 blue sock. In total you get 2 socks when you purchases this item. these are identical to what you see on the images on our webshop. You will receive these socks nicely packed and it will be shipped the sameday. You will receive the track and trace and your package will arrive within 10 working days.

Order your Flying unicorn socks today and be unique with these unicorn socks. Do not wait any longer and place your product directly in the shopping basket because these are

Fun socks for the kids

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