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Watch photo dark pink


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Watch with your own photo

During checkout you will have the chance to upload your file.
You can also email directly to [email protected]
We ask you to upload your file during check-out so that the entire process runs smoothly
Immediately after checkout you will receive an email confirmation and a track and trace.

We will keep you properly informed about the progress of your watch.

You get during checkout the chance to upload your picture.
Have fun with your purchases.



Watch with pictures buy dark pink. Personalize your watch.

Buy a watch with photograph dark pink  or surprise someone you love with this unique elegant watch.

We say “UNIQUE” because each piece is different by uploading your own pictures

and your appreciation for someone to express your own message by writing back.
(Nothing is more perfect than anything with your personal touch)
The draft will digitally engraved (not printed) are,
so it will not fade and can last forever!

Make a watch with your own photo ? perfect as a gift, you can not go wrong with this!

With a watch that is personalized you sure it always is.
Buy a pair and connect together and always think of each other when you look at the time.

Buy a Personalized Watch?

The watch that we have is in several colors and models for you available.
We have them in simple wooden bamboo watches but also in silver color and gold.
For each type we have a model. 
Do not wait any longer and buy your watch now online.

Quartz Movement we’ll tell you all about it!

A  quartz clock  is a  clock  whose time generator comprises an oscillating piece of  quartz crystal , SiO 2 .

This stable material can be used to provide electronic  oscillators
to do with an only slightly varying frequency at different temperatures,

This allows the door was opened to the low-cost and yet (in comparison to mechanical oscillators) very accurate running  clocks ,
have been and the mechanical timepieces largely displaced in a short time, in many segments of the market.
A deviation of up to several seconds per week is
easily achievable even for a movement of a few euros.

Clocks with quartz oscillator are usually identified by the term “quartz” on the dial .

Upload your file easily during checkout.

Backup inscription suggestions:
Always my mother, my forever friend
in a room full of art I’ll still stare at you
Forever friends
I love you dearly
You and I Forever
You are God’s greatest gift


See specifications:
Japanese quartz movement
1.7 diameter dial
belt made of genuine leather
Durable and long lasting
Minimalist design

IMPORTANT: each piece is carefully hand crafted and engraved by our skilled craftsmen.

Shipping ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.

We ship worldwide!

Handmade with love and care!


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engraving watch 

Door with a metal pin ( sensor ) in a (metal, often brass) mold with a groove in the shape of a letter, 
digit, or other figure to follow the lines is fed via a  pantograph
transferred enlarged or reduced eze form on a type of burr .

This burr is at a speed that is dependent on the diameter thereof and of the material to be cut a part of it removed from the to be processed in metal or plastic.
The burr is applied via a pair of  belts  driven by an  electric motor .

Computerized engraving

Modern engraving machines are controlled by a computer. This does not work with a pantograph but  servomotors .
Moves in an X and in a Y-direction, as does a plotter. They are therefore also cutter plotter  mentioned.

This additional information is a lot more education. We find it important that you have a piece of information about the products inherits history and possibly how they are made.

Watch photo dark pink

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