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Starszoo Magic Flow Ring


Only 3 left in stock



Only 3 left in stock

Original Starszoo Magic Flow ring? A Geoflux experience for you.

Magic flowering Geoflux
Several tricks with this flow ring

Today we’ll teach you how to manipulate gravity
with a pair of metal rings .
This latest craze has the wow factor.
These rings have something magical, you tap it and become a figure.
You can use this Starszoo  Flow ring throwing in the air and it changed from Fig.
They are easy to use are round and made of metal.
The Magic flowerings come in various colors including galaxy implementation.

What is a Starszoo Flow ring

A Geoflux, consists of several rings is to first main ring.
As a result, the stability factor of the first ring and can provide all the other rings in all directions.
What really cool thing is that when you put your arms around it rolls automatically from bottom to top.
When roles depending on the model you have,
you can also see the effect in the galaxy Geoflux .

Tricks and more with these toys

When it around your arms roll you can also easily pass.
From one hand to the other hand without any interruptions.
During rolling it gives also a magical EFFFECT colors ,
depending on the model you have.


Different colors Geoflux rings

flowering silver
starszoo flowering buy silver?

The most beautiful we personally find this Starszoo  Magic flowering galaxy. 
The other colors are if you like the neutral.

What can you with a flow ring Geoflux

There are endless possibilities, you can do it around your arms.
But you can also go on a broomstick. You need only your imagination and creativity it let go.

Kenetische toys for children and adults.

3d structure of rings and loops

Due to the 3D structure, and the constant loops of rings. Is one of the first characters that can deal with these Magic flow ring, a ball. Once you move to the middle, do it all rings move in a constant flow. You can also follow easily if you highlight a paper or something else.

Flow ring Geoflux tricks.


  • broomstick stroke
  • Never ending loop
  • speed demon
  • turning pastry

Dimensions and weight of the flowering

dimensions magic flow ringsThe dimension is 12 centimeters in diameter.

Weight of the ring Starszoo

Is 50 grams

Function of Geolux

Stimulating development, promotion of creative skills and more educational contributions.


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