Affiliate marketing

Become affiliate and earn money online by promoting this website?

Affiliation is a must nowa days if you have a Facebook, Instagram, blog or a Youtube channel. By being an affiliate of you can easily make money by just placing a product link on your page. There is not much else to it.

How does Affiliation work and what is Affiliation

Affiliation is a way for people with Social Media, Youtube channel etcc, to earn some extra income. This is easily done by a link that you can generate on your dashboard within 2 seconds. You can then easily add this link to your Social media, Blog or Youtube video.

As soon as someone clicks on this link, they will go to where they can shop. If they order a product on you will receive 5% commission.

What happens after someone purchased a product true your promoted link?

After someone has placed an order, it is packed in our warehouse and shipped to the buyer. You literally don’t have to do anything for it, we handle it and you get paid for it.



It costs you nothing, make money online with affiliate.

Step 1. Register

Step 2. Generate the link of the product you want to promote or choose an advertisement.

Step 3. Place it on your Socialmedia, YouTube channel

Step 4. Promote your link.

You can track every click and purchase on your Affiliate dashboard.

After someone has made a purchase, we will pay you. This payment takes place after 30 days, this is immediately after the return period has expired.

We would like you as a partner, let’s make money together!

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Affiliate marketing without a website is also possible

You don’t have to have a website to become an affiliate. If you have a blog, comparison site, search engine or any other site you can do this too. You can of course also become an affiliate without having a website and this can easily be done by registering. Do you have a Socialmedia page, whatsapp list or whatever else is possible? All you need is the link that you generate on and as soon as someone uses this link it will be automatically linked to your account.